Why No Plant B Has Been Created

Environmental products make for a very popular ecommerce store. Which is what brings me here. It seems like many other eco friendly online stores are primarily focused on the big dollars they can get from our dying planet. It makes me cringe at the thought of making these environmentally friendly products so highly priced and therefore being inaccessible for most people.

I have so much gratitude for planet Earth and all it offers us. We enjoy scaling to the tops of mountains before carving through snow while racing down them. Swimming through oceans and exploring a glimpse of the mysterious sea life that lies beneath. Riding waves while the sun kisses our hair and skin with its warming presence. Not only are these experiences fulfilling.
The ground under our feet grows such nutritious foods which are proven to heal our bodies and fuel us for adventurous days.

The thought that we’re slowly damaging this planet to the point where soon we won't be able to enjoy these exciting experiences, saddens me. Which is why No Plant B exists, to make environmental products affordable and accessible to more people.
We’re here for the planet, not for your money.