Honesty Statement

Honesty is key; with our environment and our customers. 
As we see the world slowly transition towards greener solutions, limiting carbon emissions, providing re-usable materials and sharing pre-loved items. Businesses are still on the back foot, so many environmentally friendly companies source their products from cheap warehouses in China. They receive these products in plastic, re-package them and sell these products to customers. 

No Plant B has searched far and wide to find quality, eco-friendly, affordable products. It's a tricky balance so we've come up with the most logical solution. 
Majority of the products in this world come from China, thats what makes products so inexpensive. We've spoken to all of our manufacturers to ensure their warehouses are up to code and that they practice providing safe working environments for all employees. 
We sample and test our products to ensure you're getting the best quality. To reduce waste you will receive the products straight from the warehouse, eliminating extra greenhouse gasses and using extra packaging. 

By supporting a small business like No Plant B you're not only investing in a greener lifestyle but also investing in an ever growing company which aims to one day source all their items from warehouses around Australia.